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The two strands of work appearing on this site represent an ongoing collaboration between an artist and a poet. The strands are labeled A-1 and 1-A for convenience. No such designations have been used by the collaborators outside of this website and the project itself is untitled.


A-1 begins with an image created by Wennie Huang; 1-A begins with a text by Ed Go. The two strands of collaborative work happen simultaneously. Each week since the summer of 2008 the collaborators have met to exchange their responses to the previous week's work. Each strand represents an unbroken back and forth exchange. The page breaks are arbitrary.


The strands are presented above on each side of the info tab, 1-A arranged right to left and A-1 arranged left to right. The pieces on each page are presented from left to right above in the overall order in which they were created; however, absolute order cannot be represented because sometimes a response would take the form of an entirely new piece and sometimes it would be an alteration of the previous piece. A few even went back and forth several times before a new one was created.

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